Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lift and carry domination

John was 28 years and had recently learned that his dad had gotten remarried to some Australian woman who already had some kid and now John had to go visit them during Christmas. As soon as he entered the house of his dad he was met by a good looking woman at around 40 years old who said her name was Anna. Soon his dad Bill came downstairs and behind was a cute girl who was introduced to John as his stepsister. Her name was Jill and she had long blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes and was wearing a shirt skirt that revealed her firm legs and thighs and was 5’7 tall and weighed 150lbs. John didn’t get the chance to unpack before his dad announced that he and Anna were to go last minute shopping today before all the stores would close for Christmas. As his dad and his new wife went to the stores John got upstairs to his room and quickly unpacked his bags and switched clothes to wear something fresh and then went downstairs were Jill was watching tv. They started talking and he found out that she was 19, was a cheerleader at her high school and also competed for the school in swimming which as a consequence had that she had to be very fit and strong.

Suddenly Jill said:
- Be a darling and get me some food now will ya?
- Why don’t you get it yourself, John exclaimed a bit harsh to the young girl that he wasn’t too fond of since he wanted to be the only “child” in the house.
- What? was Jill’s response as she stood up from the sofa and turned to John.

John wasn’t quite sure what to do since this kid seemed to get angrier and angrier by the second because the last thing he wanted was to make a bad impression on his new step mom. Jill seemed to be really pissed off and almost screamed at John and asked why the hell he didn’t obey her wish whereas John answered that she was a grown-up almost and could very well fetch some food herself. This seemed to make her even angrier.
- Do as I say or you’ll be sorry you little twit, she said to him sternly.
- I’ll do whatever I wish kiddo and right now my wish is to not get you any food, John answered, got up and started to walk towards the stairs in the hallway..

But suddenly Jill ran infront of him and for the first time he realised that this girl was almost as tall as his 5’8,.
- You have yourself to blame for the following you skinny little moron, she said to the 140lbs guy who actually wasn’t that skinny but kind of normally built, without much muscle on him nor much fat.
Sudden kicked him in his stomach and he bent over and was met with a punch to the face. John tried to stand up but somehow this young girl swept his leg off the floor by a kick to his legs and as soon as he fell down she started kicking him. He tried to block her kicks but they were really hard and in no time he was begging her to stop, which she also did. She let him stand up before she punched him in the stomach wrestled him to the floor and got him in a submission hold.
- Happy that you didn’t get me my food bastard? I’ll show you what happens if you cross me, she screamed as John tried to get loose in vain. After a few minutes he was tired as hell and simply gave up struggling and felt really shamed that he, a grown up man, had been beaten so easily but this 19-year-old girl who was even shorter than him.

Finally Jill let go of her grip and stood up again and told him to get her some food but John told her to get it herself and she started hitting him again and although he tried his best to stop her he stood no chance at all, something that both of them knew. She got him in another really painful hold and he was screaming at her to stop it but she just applied more pressure and he felt like his arms were getting ripped off. John tried and tried to resist but his body could take no more and tears started to fall downs his cheeks. Jill saw this and started laughing.
- You know what Johnny boy? From now on you’ll do as I say or I’ll just apply this hold on you again and next time I’ll break your arms, understood?
- Yes, I understand, John said with little breath in his throat.
- What? John said and immediately Jill put more pressure into her hold and John started to scream and cry again.
- YES MISTRESS, YES! he screamed as he felt more ashamed than he had ever in his life.
- Good little boy, Jill said as she released her hold and patted the man on his head like he was a little boy.

Jill stood up and waited for John to slowly stand up but he was hurt he couldn’t even move. Suddenly Jill bent down infront of the sobbing man, put one hand under his legs and the other under his back and with a soft, soft, grunt she easily started to stand up with John in her arms cradled like a baby.
- Now now, she said and began walking to the toilet. Don’t cry, mistress is here for you, she continued as she walked with the grown up man in her arms into the toilet, put him down in the bathtub and took his t-shirt off. She took hold of his pants and began taking them off to but this was just too much for the 28-year-old and he started to resist. Jill quickly reminded him about the fact that she would beat him up again if he resisted or didn’t do as she wanted to and he quickly topped resisting. She turned the water on and told him to shower up the bruises he had gotten from the beating and to take the sweat away from when he tried in vain to get out of her strong submission hold. John had gotten some more power now and managed to take a shower on his own but as soon as he was finished and was about to ask her for a towel she went out. She soon came back with a big towel in her hand and told him to dry himself up before she had counted to 10. John immediately began drying himself with the towel as she counted and dried himself really fast over his whole body, except for his ower areas, his genitals and his ass. After all, this was an 19-year-old girl and he did not want to get naked in front of her.

- What the hell are you doing man? she asked. I’ve counted to ten and you are still dry. You must be really stupid to cross me again Johnny boy.
- No no no, it’s not that Jil…I mean mistress…I just didn’t want to get naked infront of you, that’s all. I’m too embarrassed to do such a thing.
- You don’t have to want anything around here John. Around here it is I who call the shots, all the shots, understood? Now take off your damn underpants dry yourself up now!!
John was too scared to cross Jill again remembering how easily she had beaten him, twice, and he could still feel the pain from those beatings so he slowly took his pants off and started to dry himself with the towel trying to manoeuvre the towel in such way so that she wouldn’t be able to see him naked.
- Are you trying to hide you little dicky Johnny? she asked amusingly. John was just about to answer her when she suddenly took the towel from his hands and exposed his genitals. He tried to cover it with his hands but she told him to put his hands on his waist and she began drying him herself with the towel making sure she rubbed his dick. His dick immediately sprang to life and John seemed to be very confused at this. He wasn’t approving the situation and did not at all like Jill so he could not at all understand the reaction his dick had. Jill seemed to be reading his mind as she said when she stopped drying him:
- I know you say you are not liking this but your dick says otherwise. Hihihi.

John couldn’t believe what was happening as Jill suddenly to a good grip on his dick with her hand. She started jerking him off with a big smile on her face.
- Let’s see how big it can get, shall we? she said. And let’s see how long you can last.
And with that she fastened her pace and his dick grew bigger to it’s full height in no time and it didn’t take long before he came in her hand. She washed her hands and cleaned his dick before told him to hold on and suddenly she bent down, put one hand under his knees and the other under and round his upper back and lifted him up in another cradle. She walked out of the toilet and through the hallway and the living room, a distance that was almost 45 feet and entered the kitchen where she finally put him down. She looked him sternly in his eyes and started talking.
- Listen closely now because I’ll only say this once. As long as you obey me I will not hurt you and give you pleasure you whenever I want to, ok?
John nodded his head in a yes-gesture.
- Now fix me lunch baby, she said as she give him a light slap on his butt cheeks, laughed and then went back to the living room and started watching TV again.

John couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Here he was, a 28-year-old man who was being totally dominated by a shorter 19-year-old who had stripped him naked and now made him her slave. He felt so embarrassed over the whole ordeal but was mostly embarrassed about the fact that he was naked in a house where the only other person was a younger girl/woman. He made her some lunch, went to the living room and gave her it. She told him to have some lunch too, after all she didn’t want her little boy-slave to die out of hunger and of course he did as he was told. She told him not to come back to her until she told him to and about 20 minutes later, while he was finishing eating his lunch he heard the doorbell and got panicked, what if his dad or his step mom saw him like this, what would they think? He leaned towards the kitchen door and tried to hear what was going on and heard Jill talking to somebody who also had a woman’s voice. Suddenly he heard her Jill to the other woman that she had a surprise for her that she would probably like and then she called out to John and told him to come to the living room. At first he was reluctant but then remembered what would happen if he would not obey her wish.

Meanwhile in the living room Jill was standing in the centre and beside her she had her best friend Kelly, a stunning 5’6 tall 20 year old girl who weighed 145 lbs and also belonged to the cheerleaders. She had no idea what the surprise was and when she all of a sudden saw John getting into the living room her jaw fell down. She was so surprised seeing a naked man that she couldn’t say a word when Jill asked her if she liked the surprise. Finally she broke the silence.
- What is this? Who is that? And why is he naked Jill? she asked.
- This is my older step brother John, Jill answered her friend. He is 28 years old and is here on a vacation but has now become my little boy-slave. Ain’t it great Kelly? He will do whatever he is told by AND by you from now on. John get over here and meet my best friend Kelly.
John slowly walked over to Jill, his face all red from the embarrassment of now standing naked infront of another teenager. Suddenly Jill bent down a bit, put her right shoulder into his stomach area, put her right arm around his legs and slowly started to stand up with John falling over her right shoulder. She turned around and started walking around with in the big living room and after doing a few laps around it she came back to Kelly.
- See, he doesn’t dare to do anything and why should he, I am way stronger than he is and so are you Kel. Here you try.
And with that she put he larger man down and turned him around so that he was facing her friend. Kelly on the other seemed more interested by his dick and put her hand on it. It immediately sprang to life and she started to stroke it slowly. Suddenly she stopped stroking it, bent down and lifted him up the same way her friend had just done. She started to parade the room and was laughing to her friend saying that this was amazing and asked Jill if she could try something that she had always fantasized about. Jill gave her friend the go and suddenly she started to squeeze and massage John’s ass. After massaging and squeezing it for about fifteen seconds she slowly inserted her finger into his ass and started finger-fuck him, something that made his hard-on grow bigger and John found himself enjoying this although he was ashamed that another shorter, younger, girl had been able to lift him so easily and play him while he was naked without him making the slightest resistant. Kelly told her friend to pull Kelly’s pants and undies down and then she told John to start doing the same to her that she was doing to him or else SHE would make him pay. John quickly did as he was told and Jill who didn’t want to be left out of the fun quickly took her clothes off and stood beside Kelly holding the grown up man over her shoulder getting and giving a finger-fuck to the ass. With her right hand Jill took a grip around Johns big dick and started jerking him off slowly and with her left hand she began finger-fucking her best friends pussy after which Kelly returned the favour by doing the same to her friend with HER free hand. After about two minutes all three of them started reaching an orgasm and soon they all came, almost at the same time. John simply exploded and came like he had done never before in Jill’s hand and for a second he felt like he was in heaven but soon realised that he was still naked infront of two young girls. Kelly put him down on the floor and sat down on the sofa resting and Jill did the same. But when John did the Jill suddenly got angry.
- Did I tell you that you could do that? No I didn’t! she said.
- I am sorry mistress. I truly am, I didn’t mean to cross you.
- Shut up! she screamed back. Get over here, it’s time for you to see what happens when you do something you are not told.

John did as he was told and got over to Jill ho took his hand and led him to a nearby chair. She sat down and dragged him down to lie over her thighs, put his dick between her legs and his feet didn’t even touch the ground so he was just hanging over her thighs. Kelly came over to her friend and with a little rope in her hands and started tying it around Johns ankles.
- Just to make sure you don’t get away honey, she said.
She didn’t even almost finish the sentence before Jill and Kelly started to spank John on his bare bottoms, both taking turns. At first the smacks were gentle and light but they got harder and harder and soon John began to cry. After another five spanks she stopped spanking and started to massage his sore, red, ass.
- There there big fella, Jill told him like a mother does to her son. Don’t cry. Mistresses did it for your own best.
- Jill, this is so fun. Our own little slave and all thanks to you, Kelly said to her friend as John stood up.
Jill bent down and kissed John’s red ass and also licked it and then she said that John should take a rest. With that she bent down and easily lifted John up across her shoulders and started walking to the stairs with Kelly behind her. She easily walked upstairs and then carried John like that to his room, put him on his bed before she said:
- Now take a rest because you will need it later on today when it’s time for you to help me and my other friends. And remember what will happen if you don’t do as I say.
- And don’t forget what will happen if you don’t listen to us, Kelly filled in before she suddenly took hold of his dick and quickly started stroked his dick a few times before she stopped and began walking out of his room with Jill beside her.

As the two young mistresses walked out of his room John looked at their naked asses wigging from side to side with each step and thought to himself that he should not mention this to his dad.


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