Friday, April 22, 2011

Honeymoon Surprise - A lift and carry story - Chapter 6

As Eric was remembering what had happened that night, twelve years earlier, his 
pulse quickened, and his breath got shorter.  He watched Debby carefully for any 
negative indications that his excitement at being picked up and carried by a 
girl was displeasing to her, but seeing none, he continued.  "Now remember 
Debby, I'm this kinda skinny 15-year-old high school sophomore in front of all 
my buds.  Diane is standing about 6 inches below me, when she grabs my arm, 
ducks her head, and pulls me right over her shoulder, then she stands up and 
carries me up the next two steps, and over to where my towel is.  That was about 
30 feet, I think.  Everyone there cheers her on.  I'm kinda helpless, flopped 
over her shoulder.  I do remember she had really strong-looking legs, though!"
At this, Debby burst out laughing.  "You remember she had strong-looking legs?  
This girl is carrying you all around her friend's yard, in front of all your 
classmates, and that's what you remember?"  She laughed again.  "Oh, Eric, you 
are a character!  So, how long did this amazon hold you?"
Eric looked at Debby, and wondered if he had gone too far, or maybe misread her 
feelings earlier.  Was she disappointed or did she disapprove?  Was she making 
fun?  He wasn't certain.  He thought to himself, "Oh well, might as well go all 
the way."
"She put me down right where my towel was, then she gave me another hug and 
swung me around while she kissed me on the forehead.  But she was so nice, not 
making fun or shaming me at all, just, you know, being her!  But then, Beth 
decided she wanted to show off a little, too.  And Beth was definitely in a mood 
to embarrass me.  I didn't pay her any attention after her little hissy when 
Diane had subdued her.  Suddenly she was behind me.   Remember, Debby, she 
played a lot of tennis, and her arm strength showed it.  I didn't see or hear 
her, but suddenly I was locked in this bear hug from behind!  I felt this little 
wet head in the middle of my neck, then I could hardly breathe.  Now when Beth 
and I were going together, we almost never did anything real physical, like 
wrestle, or anything.  She always seemed too concerned about her feminine image-
didn't want to be a tomboy.  But that night, apparently she didn't care.  Slowly 
she leaned back and lifted me just a little off the ground, and walked awkwardly 
to the edge of the pool, with me firmly trapped in her arms.  Oh, by the way 
there is also a picture of that in my yearbook!  I couldn't believe she had that 
kind of strength, but she did.  She stood right on the edge with my feet 
dangling over the water and then just fell in with me.  As we came to the 
surface, she looked at me and said for everyone to hear, something like, 'Are 
there any girls here who can't throw you around?'  I think I must have turned 
beet red, cause the laughter was more restrained this time, as though the others 
were embarrassed for me, you know?  But really, I wasn't so embarrassed as they 
might have thought.  After all, that's no big deal, when you don't weigh much, 
so what?  Actually it's healthier, right?"
Debby looked  at Eric, still with that quizzical smile and said, "And how many 
of the other girls did throw you around, after that?"
Eric looked sheepish.  "Most of them," he answered.  "There was this tall, 
skinny one, I think her name was Barb.  She said she wanted to try, cause her 
little sister, who was only 11, weighed the same as her, and was always showing 
off  to her friends that she could pick Barb up in her arms.  It got to be kind 
of a contest.  All the girls that wanted to try, and that was all but two, I 
think, got in line by height.  Barb went first, cause she was the tallest.  It 
was comical, because she didn't know how to do it.  Diane wound up being the 
'instructor,' demonstrating for everyone who wanted, on them, as they waited in 
line.  She showed them all the over the shoulder way, cause she said it was the 
easiest when you knew how.  For the first four girls, cause they were all taller 
than me, I had to stand on this little stool, about 8 inches off the ground, so 
they wouldn't hurt their backs.  I don't know if it was peer pressure or what, 
but don't you know, every girl in line picked me up and carried me about 30 or 
40 feet!  Not one would quit.  Of course some had no problem.  There was a girl 
named Karen who was about 5 feet tall, but she had to weigh 185 pounds!  She 
scared me!  She just scooped me up in her arms, a lot like Diane had scooped up 
Beth, and held me and kept tossing me up and catching me.  I think she's in 
Roller Derby now.  But the biggest surprise of all was this really quiet girl, 
Donna.  She was the last one, cause she was the shortest.  I don't think she was 
more than 4� feet tall, and I'll bet she didn't weigh over 90 pounds; in fact, 
my baby sister who was 9 at the time was bigger than Donna.  But Donna was a 
gymnast.  And, being short, she had all the leverage, you know?  Next to Karen 
and Diane, she had the easiest time.  She just pulled me into a fireman's carry, 
and walked all the way around the pool!  When she let me back down, she wasn't 
even out of breath!  Then, because she was so pleased, she went to her 
boyfriend, who was also a gymnast, maybe my height, but much more muscular and 
at least 20 pounds heavier.she picked him up over her shoulder and paraded him 
around in front of the others.  She also got the most applause, by the way."  
Eric looked at his watch.  "Good lord," he exclaimed, "it's nearly 10.  I've 
been boring you for over two hours with these stories of my youth.  And you seem 
to be still awake!"
Debby looked at this unusual man before her, chuckling.  He was attractive 
enough, seemed reasonably intelligent, could speak well and was socially 
comfortable.  Most importantly to her, he was happy with his 
manhood, even was admitting to this fetish of sorts, with little self-
consciousness.  Maybe this would work out.  
 She thought back to her last relationship.  Dan had been such a sweet guy, 
but then, wrestling around one afternoon, she got him off balance, and put him 
into an airplane spin.  Debby would never have imagined he would get so angry.  
It was as if he had become someone else, someone she didn't know, and wouldn't 
want to know.  Why were some men so fragile, in a matter of speaking, about 
strong women?  Why did they feel that a strong woman made them appear weaker?  
And now, what about Eric.  Was he too good to be true?  Only time would tell.

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