Friday, April 22, 2011

Honeymoon Surprise- A lift and carry story -Chapter 9

As the band packed up their instruments and other equipment, and the 
caterer's staff finished the cleanup of the food, Eric's parents came over to 
the table where he and Debby were seated.  "Well son," began his dad, "I hope 
you two have a wonderful and fulfilling life together."
 "Yes, Eric," his mom continued.  "You two seem so happy and delighted with 
each other.  May it continue forever."
 Debby walked around behind Eric's mom and gave her a hug.  Debby was about 
an inch taller than Sara, and although Sara was a bit stocky; Debby squeezed her 
and lifted her off the floor.  "'Mom,' I love your son this much," and Debby 
swung her all the way around in a complete circle, setting her feet back near 
where she started.
 Bob, Eric's father, smiled at Sara, still trapped in Debby's warm hug.   
"I don't know if I've ever seen a couple who so often only have two of their 
four feet on the floor.  You two won't need to spend much on shoes," he smiled.  
"I guess all of our physical affection for each other had a good effect on you, 
Eric."  He smiled at his son.  "I remember how surprised you were that first 
time we went to the park and your mom gave me a piggyback ride.  I don't think 
you expected girls could carry guys until then.  How old were you, then?  Nine?  
 "I remember I was in the 5th grade, so I guess I was ten then," Eric 
answered.  "I guess what surprised me was that you enjoyed it, not that Mom 
could do it.  Remember, Mom and you and Kathy and I had always roughhoused in 
the yard, like that.  I remember, even though Kathy was a year older than I, she 
was littler since I was about 7, and she could give me piggy-back rides all the 
time.  She used to show off to her friends when she was a freshman and I was 
still in the 8th grade.  One time she won a bet from these boys that she could 
carry one of them all the way around the yard.  Remember Tom, that kid who lived 
across the street from us?"  Eric looked at Debby and explained, "He was this 
tall skinny kid who used to make fun of me and Kathy cause we were shorter.  He 
used to take our winter caps and hold them up too high for us to reach and tease 
us like that.  He was a year younger than me but he was about a head taller, and 
more than that over Kath.  But he was real skinny, probably didn't weigh over 
100 pounds.  Anyway, Kathy made this bet with him that she could carry him all 
the way around the yard.  Well, she was so much shorter than him, he couldn't 
believe it, so he bet us ten bucks.   You've never seen a kid so surprised and 
embarrassed.  Kathy had been picking up older kids for years, so she just put 
him over her shoulder so easily, and then he started struggling.  But every time 
he tried to straighten up, she just let go of his legs, and his body just fell 
over her shoulder again!  It was hilarious!  Finally, she got him back to where 
they started, and she made him promise never again to tease us with his height 
or take our hats again before she let him back down.  He never did again, and we 
were even friends a little later."
 "Yes, that's something I'm glad your father and I taught you kids," Sara 
said;  "Never take advantage of someone just because you can.  Always treat them 
with respect, cause there's something they are better at than you."  Sara turned 
around and gave her new daughter-in-law a hug just like she had received from 
her, both feet off the ground, and a 360-degree turn.  She set Debby down, and 
said, "Take care of Eric, I'm sure he'll take care of you."
Eric came over and stood next to Debby with his arm over her shoulder.  She put 
her arm around his waist, and bumped her hip against his, lifting his feet off 
the floor, and set him back down.  "Let's always save our shoes," she smiled.  
It was late as they pulled up to the honeymoon cottage in Paradise Valley, in 
the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  They quietly got out of their car and 
found the keys in the envelope where the reservation had said they would be.  As 
promised, the photographer and her assistant were waiting for them to arrive to 
take the photo of the new bride being carried across the threshold by her groom.   
As she focused the camera, and composed the shot in the dim light, she let out a 
sudden gasp, as she saw it was the bride doing the carrying!  She fired off a 
quick six shots, and called after them, "Would you two mind repeating that?  
That will be a great shot for our next year's brochure."   The beautiful bride 
returned to the doorway, her groom grinning insanely in her arms.  "How can you 
do that?" the photographer asked Debby.  You're so, so, regular looking!  You're 
normal sized, and he isn't some midget.  How can you carry him?"
"You could carry him, or better yet, you could carry your assistant!" Debby 
laughed, indicating the young man holding the auxiliary flash unit.  "This one's 
The photographer looked around doubtfully at Billy, her assistant.  He was a 
fully grown, if young man, 6 feet, maybe 175 pounds.  She was in her early 30's 
and although healthy, only average size at 5-6 and 130 pounds.  She turned back 
to this lovely, if a little overconfident, bride.  But the new bride and groom 
had disappeared.  "Billy." she called softly, "set that stuff down, and come 
here a minute, please.


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