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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fucking on Diwali

Sonali and Ranbir are childhood friends. Sonali likes Ranbir from her childhood. They were in same school and class.Ranbir never showed any feelings towards Sonali. Now both has been in their mature age. Sonali has become air hostess in private airline while Ranbir started running his own business.
This Diwali both of them came close as when party begins in their street Ranbir was playing with colors with their friends on the street when Sonali saw him and feels hot in her body as Ranbir was looking too much sexy in black T shirt and trouser. Sonali came out in red frock in high pencil heel. All guys started looking her and passing comment on her.She started playing with her friends simultaneously Ranbir see her and got aroused after looking her. She was waiting for this, she slowly moved towards him and then came towards him.

Hi She greeted him
Hi Sonali, How are you? Ranbir asked her
I am fine.She replied
After some friendly conversation about their child hood stories simultaneously Sonali picks some color and then rubbed it on the face of Ranbir and exclaimed “happy diwali”
She ran away after doing that. Ranbir didn’t like this and in anger picks colors and ran towards her.
She with giggling ran fast till she reaches her apartment.
When Ranbir enter her apartment and was looking for her simultaneously door closed. He turned back and saw Sonali with wicked smile on her face. He tried to threw color on her face but next step came amazed for him as she grabbed her hand holding colors and then pushed him towards wall. Her hold was so tight that he felt pain in her wrist and dropped colors  from his hands.
What are you doing Sonali….Don’t do that anyone can see us and will not be good for us…..he mutterer
You fucking Dog…She murmur in his ear
Ranbir founds hotness wave in his body after her seductive voice.
She bowed down and than picked him up on her body straddling him and tossing him.
Aaaaah….he moaned

She kissed him on neck and moved towards room.
She dropped him on her bed and then pulled his paint off and started kissing him badly.

She took off his shirt and kissed his nipples.
Oh  Sonali babe…He moaned
I am your mistress not babe you fucking ass hole man…She pitched him in his ear.
I will fuck your ass
She than took her finger towards his ass and started rubbing it with her nails.She robe for opening he allowed her she inserted her finger and started fucking him with finger.
Aah aah aah aah Rahul started moaning
She took Rahul on her lap and took him on her boobs.Rahul started sucking her boobs like a child.But after few minutes he felt some thing hard entering in his ass and that was Sonali hard dick.She started fucking him on her lap.
Aaah aaah aah…Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes…Rahul started shouting..

She lifted Rahul up and started fucking Rahul on air.Rahul submitted his self to Sonali and feeling pain in his ass.
Oh Sonali …I love you….you are my love.

Will you marry me Rahul??? She asked him
Yes you are my Mistress fuck me fuck me you will be my husband and I will be your wife.
Sonali gives him hard fucking and than inserted his full depth of dick in his ass.
Rahul shouted with pain….Aaaaah
Than he felt some wetness inside his ass which was probably her cum in his ass.
Happy Diwali Rahul….She kissed him on his cheek with smiling.
Rahul took thumb in his mouth and started licking it while holding her boob.    

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