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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pregnant Jeet goes for abortion but again Kidnapped

Jeet was feeling pain in his belly for a long time.His wife Rano even changed his diet she feed him through her boobs rather than market milk.But when Jeet's pain gone unbearable they she decided to contact doctor.
She took Jeet to the doctor.Doctor after all check up prescribe them for ultrasound.Jeet goes for ultrasound and he was given time of week for report collection.
After a week Rano feed Jeet and than changed his diaper & goes for report collection.She return with some disturbance on her face.She tell Jeet that he is Pregnant as the report indicating.

Whole medical staff shocked as a man goes pregnant.Doctors asked Jeet and Rano about how it has happened.But Jeet said he don't know how he has become pregnant.Doctors than prescribed him for abortion and they took appointment from city's top gynecologist Dr. Sakshi.On return back home Rano tried her best to ask Jeet how could he get pregnant but Jeet shows unawareness.She undress him and than carried him towards bathroom for giving him shower.She leave Jeet naked as doctors said due to his pregnancy.

Rano took Jeet to Dr.Sakhshi.She also gone amazed while seeing report also fat belly of Jeet.Jeet was sitting on Rano's lap when Dr.Sakshi asked Rano to give Jeet to her for check up inside room.Dr. Sakshi was tall and beautiful, Jeet shows hesitation as she come towards her.Jeet demanded Rano to come along him but Sakshi rejected it as she said no one is allow in the room.She lifted Jeet like a baby and took him on her hip.
 Jeet felt his underwear tight when he goes into height.She carried him towards room while Jeet grab her from her shoulder.She took Jeet on bed.Dr. Sakhshi was smiling as She said to Jeet "Baby you will not feel any pain at all, I will do abortion very politely.She rubbed his underwear as Jeet was only wearing underwear.She touched his belly and asked him "Really you don't know how you gone pregnant??"

Simultaneously tall Dr. Sakhshi changed into Mistress Anamika.Jeet got amazed and wanted to shout but Anamika covered his mouth with his hand.
My poor baby Jeet...She said in seductive voice

She cradled Jeet and kissed him while Jeet slept on her hands.

She disappear after lifting Jeet on her shoulder.

On other hand Rano after waiting almost half an hour when came into room and didn't find Jeet anywhere accept unconscious Dr. Sakhshi.Sakhshi after coming in conscious tell her she didn't remember what happened with her.Rano came back home as she knew that Jeet has been again kidnapped by Anamika.   

Jeet eyes opened when he finds himself on a soft bed while he see Anamika face above his face as she was kissing him on cheek.
My baby Jeet...Muaaah !!!

Jeet felt pain in his ass, he tried to sit but Anamika pushes him towards bed.He saw a woman who was inserting her hand in Jeet ass.

Jeet my baby....This is your delivery.......Anamika started rubbing his ball.Jeet was feeling pain in his belly.
 Aaaah....He screamed.

Wait wait baby ...She kisses him on his belly which gave some relief to Jeet.

Jeet felt hands inside his ass going into his belly.

Jeet shrieked....aaaaah

Lady was dragging something out from his belly while Anamika was holding Jeet's hands and kissing him

Finally Lady pulled something out and when Jeet look towards her hand.He found a new born baby.

Awwww...My baby...thank you Jeet for giving me my baby. Anamika exclaimed


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