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Shivanya Loves and cares Ritik like a real Naagin

Ritik and Shivanya marriage life was going in full swing.Whoever see both of them must appreciate the couple & their understanding.But Ritik was not feeling comfortable and sometimes feels ashamed during intercourse with his lovely wife Shivanya.Since the met first time till after their marriage, whenever she gives him love bites on neck or on chest he lost his control every time.He remembered when they 1st kissed each other and Shivanya bitten his neck while holding him tightly he had wet his pant but didn't showed anything in front of her.After marriage when they did intercourse he found Shivanya's clit too much tight as his penis got stuck and he has to cum for getting his part outside her.During intercourse when she bites on his neck,shoulder or on his chest he always aroused and cums on her belly.

One day they were coming from a party when Shivanya asks him to buy condoms from the shop on the way towards their home.Ritik stops his car in front of a store and asks her to wait inside the car.Ritik was at counter for checkout when he saw a person with cover on his face having weapon in his hand troubling Shivanya.He immediately collected his product and ran towards his car which was far from the shop.But he got shocked when he saw Shivanya pushing the thief back from the car and jumps over him.She stared kicking and punching the thief,meanwhile she transformed into Serpent (Naagin) and sting the thief.Ritik got frightened and shouted "Shivanyaaaaa"!!!!
Shivanya who was not aware about Ritik presence immediately transformed in human body.
Ritik drops shopping bag from his hand and started cringing.
Ritik ! Don't worry honey, thats nothing. Shivanya said in low voice.
Shivanya ...... Are you a Serpent (Naagin)??? He muttered.
No Ritu that's not true....Come lets go we are already late.She came close to him and by grabbing his hand pushes him towards car.He started moving towards car.She picked the shopping bag while noticed he wet his pant due to fear.

Ritik ! I will drive car.She said in a voice that Ritik replied Okay.
She sat on the driving seat but felt Ritik was not okay and shivering due to fear.She put her upper shirt off and cover his body with the shirt.

She started the car and moved towards their apartment.On the way after Ritik's frequent question regarding his reality , She stopped the car at empty road and replied "Yes I am Serpent (Naagin), if you have issue than I can leave you and will not hurt you, but I want to tell you that I love you Ritik.
Ritik replied "No No Shivanya , I didn't mean this but I think we can not live together , society will not accept us if the get to know we are not normal couple.
Ritik! Don't worry about society, how can they know I am a Serpent (Naagin) , She said this while holding his hand and pressing it with her warmth.Their were some tremor in her voice and on her shining eyes that forces him to drop his eyes down.She started the car and ran it towards their apartment.

She parked the car in the compartment and moved towards their apartment while holding his hand.
She asked him to unlock the door.He opened the door and they enter into the apartment.He opens the light and wanted to move towards room but she grabbed his hand from back and pulls him towards  her.With a moan "Aaah" he falls into her arms.

Their were some seductive smell coming out of her body which was definitely not any Cologne which she uses often.She pushed him against wall and raised his both arms upward against the wall by looking in his eyes with wicked smile.

Shivanya, Please leave me , I am not ready for any sex tonight.He mumbled.
She unpinned her hair.She was looking like a Diva.Ritik aroused with full length.She felt its hardness against her belly.Her boobs goes big and her blouse gets tight.
She started kissing him on his lips, than kisses his forehead.She kissed his shoulder than started kissing biting on her chest.She tore his shirt.Ritik got aroused, he removed his both sandals and took his both feets on her feet while she was still wearing his pencil Heel.

Oh Come on Darling ! She mumbled in his ear.She bends slightly and licked his belly.

Aaah!! He moaned.

She grabbed his left thigh and lifted it towards her waist and stared french kissing.He lost his balance and drops his head on her shoulder between her long curly hair.She moved her hand down towards  his balls and started rubbing it , her long fingers grabs his balls plus touched his anus.She started rubbing his anus.
He started moaning.Aah ...Aaah....!! He never tasted such erotic moments before.
She simultaneously grabbed his right thing and lifted him up in a straddle position.

This was the moment Ritik was not expecting from Shivanya.He Shriked ..Oh Mistress!!!! Love you

These amazing words amazed Shivanya , she shrieked back...Oh my BABY.....Love you too!!
Muaah!!! She kissed his chicks in excitement.She tosses him upward to adjust him on her waist which gives Ritik Moan.

She unbutton his pant and drop it on the floor than she tore his underwear apart.
Ritik started licking his thumb after taking his head on her shoulder.
Oh!! My poor baby....Baby is hungry!!! Awwww
She open his blouse and dropped her bra.Her large boobs comes out.She pressed his head on her boob.

Suck it Baby!!! She muttered in his ear.

Ritik started licking her boob.He thought it was just fun licking her boobs but he went amazed when he tasted sweet milk coming out from her boobs which he never tasted during their relationship.

She inserted her finger in his ass and started finger fucking.

Baby is hungry and baby wants some fuck from his mistress.She mumbled.

Aaah Aaah Aaah....He moaned.

She moved towards sofa and took him on her lap.She open the box of Condom and tear one condom pack.Ritik started rubbing his cock so that it can mount easily.But he was wrong again this time.

She off her pant and started rubbing her cunt.Simultaneously a Cock came out like a snake and goes to its peak.It was a giant cock, Ritik never saw such a huge cock even in the porn clips.She gives him jumps on her lap and rubs his belly.
Baby ....Begum wants to have a long relationship with her cute baby.She said this while putting condom on her cock.

Shivanya !! I am your Slave.Please accept me as baby.Ritik mount on her lap by wrapping his legs around her waist and started licking her boobs.

That's like a good boy.She exclaimed.

She grabbed his ass and lifted to put him on her cock to ride.

She tear apart his ass and moved her cock in his ass.

Aaaaaah !!!! Ritik shouted with pain

Oh common baby...Be a woman....Now you are my fucking wife.

Ritik eyes gets wet due to pain.

She  started pushing him up and down.

Aah Aaah Aaaah .......Please leave me Shivanya

I want baby to become pregnant.Feel the power of Serpent (Naagin).She said this while lifting him up.

She started fucking him on air.

Aaah...eeeh aaa.aaaa.aaaaa .......He moaned.

Dhabb Dhabb Dhabb...His ass started bouncing on her thighs as she inserted her full length.

She bite on his neck.Aaaah he cums over her belly.

Oh my poor baby!!!!

She took her cock outside from his ass.And put him on side carry.She scratched cum through her nails from her belly and started feeding Ritik with his own cum.

Baby has to finish this.Ummmmm she said with smiles.

Ritik started licking it madly as it was giving him more seduction.

He finished last drop and started licking her long fingers and nails.

Oh Baby....Good!!! She shrieked and claps his ass.

She put him down and sat on the sofa.He moved towards her and sit on her Lap and dropped his head on her boobs.

She started playing with his hair.No one can imagine after seeing their current relation as they are normal couples.A  man who was totally dominated by woman, now behaving like a pet.

Shivanya started telling his story how she falls in love with Ritik and how she decided to come closer to him.

After 15 minutes she cradled him up and moved towards Mirror.

Oh my Lovely wife "Shivanya" He moaned.

She took him on her hip after reaching mirror.

Ritik was looking like a cute baby on a girls hip.

He hide his face due to shame under her hair.

Oh my baby!!! Awwwwwww She pinched his ass which forced Ritik to erect with full pressure on  her belly.Thats showed their true beginning of relationship.

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