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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Child Abuse in India

My name is Karan.Now I am 21 year old.It was about years ago when I wan 7 years old child.Their were Prenna baji leaving in our street.She was pretty as I like her since my childhood.I think she was that time 18 years of age.She often asked me for bring things for her from market.One day she gave me money and asked me to bring chocolates,candies and chips.When I came back with these things and wanted to gave her, she insisted me for coming into her home as she wanted me to help her in some work.She just asked me to do some normal work like adjusting bulb.When I was adjusting bulb she was grabbing chair on which I was standing but I don't know how could it happen, intentionally or unintentionally I got shake and slipped from the chair.But she caught me immediately.I wan lying onto her hand as she was cradling me.I was smelling fragrance coming out from her shirt.She dropped me down and when I wanted to start moving back she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her.She lifted me up and then carried me towards her room.She undressed my paint as I was enjoying it.But she started spanking me on my ass.I started shouting with pain.She covered my face with her dubatta.She started rubbing my ass with the tips of her finger. She was scratching with her sharp nail.She inserted her finger in my ass.I groaned due to hardness of her fingers in my ass.She started fucking me with her finger and also she was rubbing her boobs with her hands.After few minutes she took my mouth towards her large tits and forced me to lick it.She was rubbing her boobs with my face until She cum from her clit.She gave me all chocolates and candies for not telling all these story to anyone.When I came back home I felt pain in my ass for a week.But I started feeling good in my ass.So I started going at her home when she was alone she fucked me with her finger, gave me chocolates and some time money for all these things.I was having lot of money in my school days.I know when I ejaculated cum first time when she fucked me with dildo and I was almost fucking my ass with my finger after coming back home, I cum and felt pleasure.It was my routine after coming from school , I went her house and knocked it and then jumped over her as she lifted me up and I wrapped her legs around her curvy waist.No one can even think on our relation as we had too much age difference.As I grew up our relation began strong & now I am over 20s and almost same to her height but she has became stronger enough as regularly lifting me up.She still lift me up and fucked me with strapon.

Recently we got married.She lifted me up and tossed me whole Suhaag Raat.We decided for not go for any baby as I will live as a child under her domination.She daily changed my diaper.Feed me through her boobs.And she bought me baby cot for sleeping.    

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